The Book of Your Life

Before we become someone—a writer, a doctor, a lawyer, a mass murderer or a hero, a dictator or a president—before we make life-changing decisions, numerous mistakes and commitments, we all arrive to this world in the same fashion—naked and innocent.

We haven’t pissed anyone off yet, and we haven’t loved anyone else either. We have done absolutely nothing that we will regret later. We haven’t said one word yet.

Even our first scream is innocent: we’re simply trying to breathe. Last time I checked, breathing wasn’t against the law.

But later, after we’ve done some breathing, eating, and growing, we learn how to speak. The moment we communicate with the outside world, we lose the innocence we had at birth, and everything we do or say affects either our own or someone else’s life.

From the early stages of our development, we make choices for what we hope are the right reasons. Many of those decisions make us happy, others bring sadness, and of course, there are those (my favorite) in the special category called “What the hell was I thinking?”

north korean leaders - letters to myselfLife is not like a presidential election—we know we’re not coming back to Earth for a second term (at least not in the same shape). Well, there may be a few exceptions, such as the Russian President Putin, who, like a cat, has nine (or more) terms, and North Korean dictators, who rule the country until they die.

“If I only knew then what I know now” is more than just an expression. It is a hopeless cry about wishing we could predict the future.

Ever asked yourself what would happen if we could read the books of our own lives, way before we make mistakes or hurt others?

Buckle up, everyone, and hang on for the ride! Let’s see what the future holds…


Letters to Myself

1992 - letters to myself (Natasha and Lori)It is the summer of 1992 and you’ve just graduated from college, but you have no idea what you are going to do with that master’s degree in engineering you’ve spent the last five years working for. But who cares? You are only 24!!! And it is June, the famous time of the breathtaking White Nights in Saint Petersburg. The air is filled with love and excitement.

In just 10 days, you will be leaving for your first journey by plane, across the Atlantic Ocean, thousands of miles away from home, to the land of the Dreams, called America! Your dreams! Your stomach is turning, you are restless, and you can’t stop thinking about that day you will tell your mom “Do Svidania” at the airport, and start your OWN, adult chapter in the book of your life, a life full of the UNKNOWN…

But before you board that plane…you want to read your life story? Yes, that’s what I thought you said. Of course you do!

Well, girl, grab your favorite orange blanket that you had since you were born (made from real camel hair!). Don’t forget a box of chocolates (don’t worry, in a couple of years you will lose all that weight and be a size 0 for rest of your life…or at least ’til you’re 48). Get comfy in your reading chair—you are in for a treat.

Will your life be perfect? You’ll have to decide for yourself which parts of your lifetime journey you want to rewrite and which chapters you would do all over again. Hopefully, you’ll make fewer mistakes in your life, and you’ll be kinder to some people and less loving to others, those who don’t deserve your heart.

Here are the letters of 24 years of your life—the good, the bad and the ugly…

So go on, Tash, and open the first letter. Don’t be afraid. You are a lucky girl. Soon you will be calling yourself “A girl with a Dream.”








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